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Besides writing books, consulting on software design, and testing products for usability, we can help you with your web site. If you're a small business or non-profit organization:

Without a web site, you don't exist.

With a poor web site, you project a poor image--unfocused, unprofessional, amateurish, behind the times--even if your business is actually none of these.

We can help you solve marketing and technical problems, advise you on better overall approaches, create a new web site for you, show your staff how to run usability tests--whatever you need. Call us for a free half-hour consultation: 718 720-1169.

More than usability and design

When we work with you on a usability or software design project, we also address:

Risks vs. benefits of possible approaches

Internal development processes

Team management

Current internal problem-solving strategies

For more on our services, click here. Or call us for a free half-hour consultation: 718 720-1169.

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