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When Choosing a Custom Home Builder, Choose Someone You Enjoy Spending Time With.

In every market, including the South Metro Denver custom home building market, home owners have their pick of builders. It can be tough to know who is right for you based on a website alone. That’s why we ALWAYS recommend you get to know a builder before signing on the dotted line to ensure you see eye-to-eye on certain values and approaches.

After all, when you build your own custom home you’ll spend many hours reviewing plans, sizing up the work-site, and understanding the finances. Don’t you think you should pick a builder you’ll want to spend time with?

Get to Know Stone Aspen

Below is taste of how Stone Aspen builds custom homes for active, aging adults who want to remain in their homes longer. If you like what you read, get to know the leaders of our family-owned business and then give us a call (303) 918-0440. We will take the time to understand your home-ownership goals and create a plan that fits your lifestyle and your future.

Let’s build a home that makes the least possible impact on the environment, relies on quality and natural materials, and incorporates a timeless design that suits your lot.

Bigger is not always better. Instead of spending money on wasted square footage, invest in signature details, natural lighting, and meaningful rooms. Stone Aspen shares similar ideals with Sarah Susanka, author of The Not So Big House. If you haven’t read the book, ask us about it. We’ll even give you a copy so you can see exactly what we mean.

Live in a home tailored to your current lifestyle and one in which you can grow old. In every build we examine how you can age in place, even for our younger clients. It’s time to talk about wider doors, fewer steps, and the right amount of yard work so that this home can be the last home you’ll ever need.

We are family-owned. We understand that our homeowners require exceptional service, craftsmanship, value and care; and that each of you has a different vision for your home. Because each vision is unique, we have tailored our company and building practices to meet your specific needs. Will you be our next satisfied homeowner? Contact us to learn more.

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