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American Building & Roofing in Washington (ABR), began in 1982 and is a 2nd generation family-owned, full-service roofing and building company. We proudly supply and distribute to both residential and commercial customers throughout Washington. We have grown from one store in Everett, to seven stores and over 80 employees in Western, Central and Eastern Washington.


Expert Roofing Materials Supplier


Come visit our showrooms at any of our locations to receive help finding the right roof for your home. Our experienced employees are knowledgeable about roofing installation, materials, and styles and can give you the advice you need to pick the right material for your roof.

Receive Durable Roofing Materials & Personalized Services at American Building & Roofing, Inc.


Select your roofing materials from a wide variety of durable shingles, including asphalt, cedar, and more. Come to our showroom to see samples in person.


Protect your low slope or flat roof with the right roofing material. Visit our nearest showroom to compare & contrast the options for yourself.


We deliver your materials directly to your home or job site with our arsenal of trucks and conveyors. Contact us today for our rooftop delivery service.

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Local Employees Helping Local Homeowners & Contractors

American Building & Roofing, Inc., has a history of long tenured employees and we live in your neighborhood. Our employees know the roofing business and pride themselves on assisting customers with their projects. We advise on all levels of the building industry, from small roof patching to full scale commercial roof installation. You can trust American Building & Roofing in Washington to help.

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Extensive Inventory & Competitive Prices

We buy in large volume and store a wide-range of materials at each location. ABR offers highly competitive prices with reputable companies you can trust.

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Dedicated & Committed Support Team

Come meet one of our dedicated employees that can assess your roofing and building needs. We are more than happy to assist at every stage of the project. Whether you are new to homeownership or a seasoned contractor, ABR team members are here to help in an approachable and friendly environment.

Count on Us for Reliable Roofing Services in Everett Washington


Also located in Mt. Vernon, Pasco, Poulsbo, Snohomish, Wenatchee, and Yakima

American Building & Roofing, Inc. is here to help you with roofing services in Washington. You can count on us to have the products and services that will help you with your roofing and building projects.

Full-Service & Stocking Roofing Distributor

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No one likes walking through the massive aisles of a large home improvement retail store, let’s be honest. That’s why at American Building & Roofing, Inc., we ensure our stores are fully stocked and always full of friendly, helpful staff so that you can quickly find what you need. ABR has seven conveniently located showrooms to serve your needs in Everett, Snohomish, Mt. Vernon, Puolsbo, Pasco, Wenatchee and Yakima. Just call us the concierge of roofing supplies in eastern and western Washington.




Here are some of the benefits you can expect from us:

  • Wide variety of building materials
  • Complete line of shingles
  • Full-stocking roofing distributor
  • A variety of well-known and trusted manufactures
Rooftop Delivery

Not everyone owns the equipment to transport rooftop supplies. You can rely on us for fast and efficient deliveries of roofing materials in Washington. American Building and Roofing, Inc., can help you quickly transport all of your roofing materials safely and professionally to the job site, helping your business maintain a professional appearance and instilling confidence in your customer that their property is in the best of hands. 

Our rooftop delivery service includes the following: 

  • Delivery of materials directly to your home or job site
  • A large fleet of trucks and conveyors available at every location
A Showroom at Every Location

The best way you can ensure your project ends how you want, is by planning ahead. Visit our showroom to visually compare and contrast your options. Know how your project will end, before you start. While you’re there, allow one of our roofing experts to help you make the best choices for your next project. Our staff has decades of combined experience and industry knowledge to ensure that you walk out feeling confident in your purchase. From hardware to colors selection, ABR is your one stop shop for all things roofing. 

Our showroom service includes: 

  • Roofing & building displays and accessories
  • 5’x5′ sample of the roofing materials in many colors and types
  • Design and selection guides to decide the best pattern and colors for your home or project
  • Take-home product samples and product brochures to determine the right choice for you
Roofing Expertise & Personalized Roofing Services in Washington

How many projects have you had left-over material? Avoid wasting money and visit our experienced team to make sure you buy the best amount of material for your project. Sometimes, it can be difficult to imagine the scope of your next project. Conversely, it can be easy to overshoot your budget and end up with wasted building materials. At ABR, we can help you expertly plan your project and ensure that you leave with no more and no less than exactly what you need. Trust the expertise and experience of American Building and Roofing to get the most for your budget and maximize your profits. 

When you come to your local American Building & Roofing location, we will help you with the following personalized services: 

  • Verifying you have all materials needed for your project (i.e. fasteners, nails, tar paper, etc.)
  • Helping you determine the right type of roof for your home
  • Assisting you in selecting the best style and appearance for your type of home
  • Determining a roof warranty that fits your desired longevity and budget
Contractor Referrals

When you want assurance that your contractor is professional and dependable, rely on our years of experience. For more than 30 years we have worked with various contractors and know the market well. Make valuable connections and meet the best in the business through American Building and Roofing, Inc. Let ABR make the introductions that can ensure your next project is a success. 

We can help you with these services:

  • Refer a reputable roofing contractor in your area
  • Introducing you to installers that work best in different types of roofing materials

Western Washington Locations

Everett     Snohomish     Mt. Vernon     Poulsbo


Eastern & Central Washington Locations

Pasco     Wenatchee/East Wenatchee     Yakima


Visit your local roofing company in Washington for all of your building needs. We are more than happy to help. If you need to speak to the owner, Marc Morgan, please send an email to


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