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Portraits of Leadership

Construction has long been a male-dominated industry, often passed from generation to generation, father to son. And while great strides have been made in expa... [read more]

The Youth Movement

“No one association or company, working alone, can create the range of initiatives we need to ensure a sustainable construction workforce.” Mike Du... [read more]

Currying Favor in Atlanta

The real strength of Curry Contracting Services is built on the distinct skills and talents of the Curry family—mom with 30 years in information technolo... [read more]

Follow the Signs

Odds are that just about everyone who has taken public transportation in Atlanta has seen the work of Advantage Graphics & Signs (AGS). The 26-year-old Atlanta... [read more]

The Team Approach

Ron Cantrell didn’t plan on becoming a design builder, but his path led him there regardless. He didn’t plan on specializing in churches, but he&rs... [read more]

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Your Forever Plumber

Jay Jamali, founder and owner of Enviro Safetech, ... [read more]

Divide Space…and Conquer

Established in 1900, the Hufcor name has... [read more]

Revolutionary Membrane System Is a Game Changer

The story of Poseidon Sales is all about its produ... [read more]

Following in Her Father’s Footsteps

Betsy Ritch-Reed learned the electric business fro... [read more]

Painting the Town—Family Style

Here are the broad strokes: Husband and wife team ... [read more]

Building Up Women in Construction

As CEO of Georgia-based Angela R. Brown Constructi... [read more]

Electric Dreams

From the time Kristen Williams started apprentices... [read more]

The Concrete Lady

In the words of Cellini D. Parker, founder and CEO... [read more]

Benefits That Benefit Contractors

Beneco is driven by a mission to ally with contrac... [read more]

Fitness Industry Champion

As one of the world’s premier—and fast... [read more]

Network Business Insights

Data analysis employs disciplines that can make yo... [read more]

One System… One Process… ONETEAM

YOU: A contractor, owner, developer, architect or ... [read more]