Fusco Industries LLC Sandblasting & Waterblasting

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Fusco Industries LLC

30A Hultenius St.
Plainville, CT 06062 Map this location
(860) 747-9889
Contact: Alex LoGatto
Sector:Public and Private
Labor Affiliation:Nonunion and Prevailing Wage
Scope of Work
Project Size:$0 to $100,000
Geographical Areas Serviced
Connecticut New York Massachusetts
Rhode Island    
Products / Services
Glass Beads Heavy Equipment In-Shop & On-Site Abrasive Blasting
Piecework Plastic Media Production Work
Slag Steel Grit Tanks
Memberships / Associations / Government Certifications
SSPC (Society for Protective Coatings) The Blue Book Network
Recent Projects Completed
Darien Train Station - Sandblasting Railings/Billboards: Darien, Connecticut
Department of Energy: Hartford, Connecticut
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Fusco Industries LLC can also be seen under the following Blue Book Classifications:
Painting-Contractors Sandblasting---Waterblasting

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