The Blue Book Building & Construction Network® Announces The Right Tool for a Strong Recovery: ONETEAM


March 2016

The Blue Book Building & Construction Network® Announces The Right Tool for a Strong Recovery

Summary: Leading provider of construction software and marketing solutions,The Blue Book Building & Construction Network®, premiers a new tool for General Contractors: ONETEAM. ONETEAM is the revolutionary cloud-based platform that will centralize communication for all users, offering email correction, customizable ITBs, searchable contact lists, private plan rooms with easy drag & drop uploading, and much more.

Jefferson Valley, NY — The construction industry is on the mend after the recent economic downturn, with the understanding that recovery will take time, effort, and most of all, the right tools. With the industry on an upswing, General Contractors will need to keep up with the increasing number of jobs, requiring agility and multi-tasking. As of today, there is a new, game-changing pre-construction tool that can make this happen: ONETEAM.

The Blue Book Network® has always adapted to industry needs as they have arisen and more than a century of bidding-phase experience has gone into the creation of ONETEAM. According to Ed Haege, Director of ONETEAM: “One of the biggest issues we’ve heard about from our community has been response rates. ONETEAM® is poised to do for General Contractors what email has done for just about every business: centralize communication and get everyone on the same page.” But the tool goes far beyond ordinary email.

This cloud-based platform is going to revolutionize bidding phase communication:

  • Failed emails will get corrected by the next business day.
  • Each ONETEAM leader will have their contact lists made into a private, searchable Blue Book Network database, powered by BlueSearch® and searchable by specific qualification information.
  • General Contractors can increase the likelihood of hearing back by sending memorable, attention-grabbing, customized ITBs with highlighted info and project images.
  • Private plan rooms auto-activate but the ONETEAM user can choose to have the files labeled, optimized and made keyword-searchable.
  • An activity stream documents specific actions, and invited vendors can have private, threaded conversations with the General Contractor.
  • An integrated product search helps the General Contractor make important decisions quickly on their invited vendors’ RFIs.
  • Plan room activities are tracked with a report that identifies plan room visitors, their last date visited, and the actions they’ve taken (views and downloads).
  • Invited vendors upload their bids in a secure folder within their private portal.

For more information about how ONETEAM can get your team hitched to the upward momentum of the industry’s recovery:

ONETEAM is the bid communication and collaboration software created specifically for the General Contractor – The Blue Book Network® is combining 100+ years of bidding-phase experience with new social communicationtechnology to create a private cloud portal with the highest levels of privacy and security.  

About The Blue Book Building and Construction Network®:
The Blue Book Network®, an Employee-Owned enterprise, is the largest and most active construction network in the United States. For over one hundred years, the commercial construction industry has turned to The Blue Book Network® for accurate, complete and up-to-date information on the people and products required for their projects. The company maintains a nationwide industry search engine at, powered by BlueSearch technology. In addition, The Blue Book Network® provides a complete suite of Internet-based information, workflow and marketing resources for all segments of the building and construction industry.