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Electrical Contractors in New Jersey - North Adjust Column Layout | Print Results
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  Progressive Electric Inc.   E. Hanover   NJ   (973) 428-2850   ICC
Data Centers
Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Emergency Generators
LAN Cable
  NECA (National Electrical Contractors Assn.)  
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Progressive Electric Inc.
Address: E R A. S A, P.O. B
E. Hanover, NJ 07936
Phone: 973-428-80
Fax: 973-428-20
Website: http://www.progressivenj.net
Contact: J L
Year Established: 1986
Sector Served: Public and Private
Labor Affiliation: Union
License #: 5646
Geographical Areas Serviced:
  • New Jersey
Blue Book Classifications:
C C--C, T, E.
Recent Projects Completed:
  • Newark Arts High School (Additions and Alterations) / Newark, New Jersey
    Dollar Value: $2,400,000 / Completion: N/A
  • Madison Junior School / Madison, New Jersey
    Dollar Value: $1,200,000 / Completion: N/A
Trade Associations/Government Certifications:
  • National Electrical Contractors Association - NECA,
Name Brands/Products Installed/Supplied:
Electrical Construction & Maintenance, Fiber Optics,
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Profile Data Last Updated: 07/29/14