1 Paving Materials servicing or located in Middletown, OH

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Barrett Paving Materials Inc.

Middletown, OH, 45005
(513) 435-6728   

Barrett Paving Materials Inc. has been in business since 1873. Our main lines of business include: … [more]

Additional companies that service Middletown, OH

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G & J Asphalt & Material

Chillicothe, OH, 45601 (Servicing Middletown, OH)
(740) 773-6458   

Serving Central and Southern Ohio Since 1996 GJ Paving, Inc. is an ODOT prequalified, family owned … [more]

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Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping/Asphalt

Fairfield, OH, 45014 (Servicing Middletown, OH)
(513) 874-3777   

Mount Pleasant Blacktopping was started by William H. House in 1954 as an excavating company. The c… [more]

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Detroit Industrial Tool

Van Nuys, CA, 91409 (Servicing Middletown, OH)
(800) 678-8006   (818) 988-6900

Here at Detroit Industrial Tool we believe that success is attained by building solid relationships… [more]

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