7 Food Service Equipment servicing or located in Green Bay, WI

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John's Refrigeration, Inc.

Green Bay, WI, 54304
(920) 494-9635   (800) 400-9635

Founded in 1980 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Johns Refrigeration, Inc. is a provider of refrigeration equipment sales, installation, and service to commercial and industrial businesses. Since its foundat… [more]

Additional companies that service Green Bay, WI

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Just In Time Refrigeration LLC

Monona, WI, 53713 (Servicing Green Bay, WI)
(608) 838-1314   

Why Trust a Former Arizona Native to Care for Your Ice Machine in Madison, Wisconsin Just In Time Re… [more]

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Kessenich's Ltd. of America

Madison, WI, 53716 (Servicing Green Bay, WI)
(608) 249-5391   (800) 248-0555

For over 80 years Kessenichs Ltd. has specialized in commercial and residential food service equipm… [more]

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Leer, Inc.

New Lisbon, WI, 53950 (Servicing Green Bay, WI)
(608) 562-7180   (608) 562-7100

Leer, Inc. is the worlds leading manufacturer of retail ice merchandising equipment and walk-in coo… [more]

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