2 Firestopping Contractors servicing or located in Columbus, OH

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Multicon Fire Containment

Columbus, OH, 43222
(614) 351-2683   

Multicon provides firestop installation in new construction and existing structures to meet the req… [more]

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Superior Industrial Insulation Company

Columbus, OH, 43219
(614) 314-5526   

Superior Industrial Insulation Company was founded by Thomas Dakeand Martin Delaney on March 1, 198… [more]

Additional companies that service Columbus, OH

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Fire-Seal, LLC

Gahanna, OH, 43230 (Servicing Columbus, OH)
(614) 454-4440   (239) 236-4054

Fire-Seal, LLC is a full service barrier management contractor specializing in the fire stop, firep… [more]

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Advanced Caulking LLC

Cincinnati, OH, 45237 (Servicing Columbus, OH)
(513) 528-4285   

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