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DTM Elevator Consulting & Drafting Services, Inc.

College Point, NY, 11356
(718) 321-0343   

Our staff is our hallmark ... our greatest asset. Our team of experienced, highly qualified professionals, with excellent references and a broad range of project training, arrive at DTM Inc. from suc… [more]

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Hi-Tech Metals Inc.-Arch. Metal Fab., Elevator Cabs & Entrances

Maspeth, NY, 11378 (Servicing College Point, NY)
(718) 894-1212   (800) 394-2712

Hi-Tech Metal specializes in custom architectural metals. All work is done in our 65,000 sq.ft. factory using the latest state-of-the-art machinery including the Amada Theta 6 Axis Laser, CNC Laser and Water-Jet Cutting equipment. We offer a wide range and variety of services from designing and eng… [more]

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CBA Elevator Consultants

Hackensack, NJ, 07601 (Servicing College Point, NY)
(201) 804-0911   (718) 445-9400

CBA Elevator Consultants, LLC, (aka CBA Consultants), is a full service elevator and escalator consulting firm offering a wide range of professional services which include field surveys, system layouts, inspections, evaluations, preparation of specifications, and much more. Our clientele includes a… [more]

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Vertical Systems Analysis, Inc.

New York, NY, 10018 (Servicing College Point, NY)
(800) 989-5525   

Welcome to Vertical Systems Analysis, Inc. or VSA. Headquartered in midtown Manhattan, with offices in Chicago, Philadelphia and Miami, we have been providing elevator consulting services since 1986 … [more]

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Full Capacity, LLC

Woodside, NY, 11377 (Servicing College Point, NY)
(718) 726-1300   

Full Capacity, LLC is very serious about elevator inspections and so should you. Did you know that … [more]

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Superior Elevator Technologies Corp.

Bronx, NY, 10451 (Servicing College Point, NY)
(347) 577-5858   

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