20 Building Maintenance Contractors servicing or located in Vancouver, WA

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Vik's Professional Cleaning LLC

Vancouver, WA, 98682
(360) 600-8459   

Viks Professional Cleaning Services began in 2001. As a result of our committments to quality service and professionalism we have developed a strong reputation and established solid relationships wit… [more]

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Pro-Construct Cleaning LLC

Vancouver, WA, 98684
(503) 333-1047   

Pro-Construct Cleaning performs Light Demolition, Building Maintenance and Final Cleaning. We are a… [more]

Additional companies that service Vancouver, WA

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Specialty Services

Clackamas, OR, 97015 (Servicing Vancouver, WA)
(503) 387-6251   

Specialty Services supports Property Management Companies in their efforts in maintaining commercial properties. We can assist in all aspects of maintaining properties from Seal Coat and Striping to Janitorial Services to Tenant Improvements to Emergency Flood Calls. We have an amazing team of Trad… [more]

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Star Building Services LLC

Portland, OR, 97204 (Servicing Vancouver, WA)
(503) 339-2989   

At Star Building Services (SBS), we dont just provide a service, we provide a quality solution. We meet with you to discuss your needs and specific objectives, then we exceed your expectations with o… [more]

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FMD's Facility Services

Salem, OR, 97304 (Servicing Vancouver, WA)
(971) 707-0311   (503) 487-7329

At FMD's Facility Services we strive to provide our customers with a guaranteed satisfaction from our wide variety of services. FMD's Facility Services is a family owned and operated janitorial compa… [more]

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Atlas Facilities Maintenance, Inc.

Portland, OR, 97209 (Servicing Vancouver, WA)
(971) 707-3024   (503) 330-4799

Atlas Facilities Maintenance is the one stop for all of your facility needs. We provide commercial custodial services and all that goes with it. These services include: Final Cleans, Carpet Cleaning … [more]

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Contemporary Home Services, Inc.

Auburn, WA, 98001 (Servicing Vancouver, WA)
(253) 735-4113   

Corporate Mission Contemporary Home Services Inc. consistently provides high-quality professional c… [more]

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Zeeland Company LLC

Portland, OR, 97214 (Servicing Vancouver, WA)
(503) 282-3080   

Our main lines of business include: Building Maintenance Contractors. We are located in the Portlan… [more]

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Courtesy Janitorial Services and Maintenance LLC

Portland, OR, 97211 (Servicing Vancouver, WA)
(503) 287-7354   (503) 349-8933

For the last seven years CJMS has become increasingly conscious and an active participant of the Gr… [more]

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Cornerstone Janitorial Services, LLC

Hillsboro, OR, 97124 (Servicing Vancouver, WA)
(503) 577-1306   

Cornerstone Janitorial Services has been in business since 1999. Our main lines of business include… [more]

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Esmeralda & Family Res. & Comm. Clgn.

Tualatin, OR, 97062 (Servicing Vancouver, WA)
(503) 490-2187   

Our main lines of business include: Building Cleaning Contractors--Exterior, Building Maintenance C… [more]

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