9 Architectural Metal Contractors servicing or located in Houston, TX

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    Advanced Architectural Metals Inc.

    Houston, TX, 77041
    (713) 983-9979   

    Advanced Architectural Metals, Inc. founded in 1997 to supply the regional area with World Class Architectural metal products. Our highly skilled craftsmen have many years of experience with the most… [more]

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    Vogler Sheet Metal Co.

    Houston, TX, 77092
    (713) 861-1154   (713) 858-2234

    Vogler Sheet Metal specializes in roofing, gutters, and custom metal works with commercial roofing being our primary business taking up about 75% of our gross revenue. The other 25% is a mix between … [more]

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    Structured Metal Works, LLC

    Houston, TX, 77080
    (281) 794-7075   

    Structured Metal Works, LLC. offers innovative solutions for the public and private sectors archite… [more]

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    Turnco Sheetmetal Design

    Splendora, TX, 77372 (Servicing Houston, TX)
    (281) 610-2250   (281) 610-6985

    Turnco Sheetmetal Design has been continually in business since 1990. We specialize in commercial kitchen fabrication using 100% stainless steel on all our products. Prior to 1990, Lee Turner, the ow… [more]

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    Klosterman Associates, Inc.

    Avon Lake, OH, 44012 (Servicing Houston, TX)
    (440) 933-4511   

    Klosterman Associates is a manufacturers representation for various specialty products that has bee… [more]

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    Madcat Metals

    Poteet, TX, 78065 (Servicing Houston, TX)
    (210) 326-3683   

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