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Studio Q Architecture

Waterbury, CT, 06708
(860) 841-5125   

STUDIO Q ARCHITECTURE is a group of design professionals, equipped with diverse and balanced skill sets, working under leadership built on numerous years of experience within the context of award win… [more]

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Antinozzi Associates

Bridgeport, CT, 06604 (Servicing Waterbury, CT)
(203) 377-1300   

Founded in 1956, Antinozzi Associates is celebrating nearly six decades as an architectural firm, and almost three decades with a dedicated interior design department. mid-sized full-service architec… [more]

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Doyle Coffin Architecture DCA Architects/Planners

Ridgefield, CT, 06877 (Servicing Waterbury, CT)
(203) 431-6001   

Distinctive architectural design supported by professional, intelligent and comprehensive service is Doyle Coffin Architectures core business focus. A commitment to excellence with regard to architec… [more]

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Partners for Architecture, Inc.

Stamford, CT, 06906 (Servicing Waterbury, CT)
(203) 708-0047   

Partners For Architecture was inaugurated in 2000 with the dedication to establish an architectural firm that provides comprehensive and environmentally sensitive architectural services. The very fou… [more]

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Fletcher-Thompson, Inc.

Bridgeport, CT, 06601 (Servicing Waterbury, CT)
(203) 225-6515   

Fletcher Thompson, with offices in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey, is one of the Northeasts leading full service planning, design and consulting firms offering comprehensive architectural, engi… [more]

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Northeast Collaborative Architects, LLC

Providence, RI, 02903 (Servicing Waterbury, CT)
(401) 846-9583   

Northeast Collaborative Architects' work is exciting and we enjoy bringing our clients into the process with traditional and digital design tools. Our practice is constantly adapting to the ever-evol… [more]

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