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Studio Q Architecture

Waterbury, CT, 06708
(860) 841-5125   

STUDIO Q ARCHITECTURE is a group of design professionals, equipped with diverse and balanced skill sets, working under leadership built on numerous years of experience within the context of award win… [more]

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Richard Turlington Architects Inc.

New Haven, CT, 06511 (Servicing Waterbury, CT)
(203) 772-2459   (203) 556-8899

Richard Turlington Architects in New Haven Connecticut has been fortunate to have collaborated with many, many wonderful clients to create beautiful projects. Different projects have, and will continue to call for expertise in other facets of design such as lighting designers or artwork consultants… [more]

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Antinozzi Associates

Bridgeport, CT, 06604 (Servicing Waterbury, CT)
(203) 377-1300   

Founded in 1956, Antinozzi Associates is celebrating nearly six decades as an architectural firm, and almost three decades with a dedicated interior design department. mid-sized full-service architec… [more]

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Doyle Coffin Architecture DCA Architects/Planners

Ridgefield, CT, 06877 (Servicing Waterbury, CT)
(203) 431-6001   

Distinctive architectural design supported by professional, intelligent and comprehensive service is Doyle Coffin Architectures core business focus. A commitment to excellence with regard to architec… [more]

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Partners for Architecture, Inc.

Stamford, CT, 06906 (Servicing Waterbury, CT)
(203) 708-0047   

Partners For Architecture was inaugurated in 2000 with the dedication to establish an architectural firm that provides comprehensive and environmentally sensitive architectural services. The very fou… [more]

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Fletcher-Thompson, Inc.

Bridgeport, CT, 06601 (Servicing Waterbury, CT)
(203) 225-6515   

Fletcher Thompson, with offices in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey, is one of the Northeasts leading full service planning, design and consulting firms offering comprehensive architectural, engi… [more]

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Robert Cohen Architects LLC

Westport, CT, 06880 (Servicing Waterbury, CT)
(203) 341-7781   

RCA Company Overview: Founded by Robert Cohen in 1990. Robert Cohen Architect offers full architectural and interior design services. These services cover diverse commercial, institutional and reside… [more]

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VITA Design Group

Westport, CT, 06880 (Servicing Waterbury, CT)
(203) 283-1561   

Vita Design Group is Westports premier emerging architecture firm that draws on the expertise and vision of its members individual expertise and vision to foster an atmosphere rich with new and progr… [more]

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Landmark Architects, P.C.

East Haven, CT, 06513 (Servicing Waterbury, CT)
(203) 468-2441   

Our goal, here at Landmark, is to work closely with our Clients and their programs to ensure a well thought out design solution that fits their current and future endeavors. As members of the U.S. Gr… [more]

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Northeast Collaborative Architects, LLC

Providence, RI, 02903 (Servicing Waterbury, CT)
(401) 846-9583   

Northeast Collaborative Architects work is exciting and we enjoy bringing our clients into the process with traditional and digital design tools. Our practice is constantly adapting to the ever-evolv… [more]

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