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The Problem Solvers

George J. Cambourakis was born to be an engineer. After earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering, he proceeded to teach him... [read more]

The Green Giant

A lot of people think of recycling as a magic act; you put a piece of junk into a recycling bin and—poof!—it vanishes like a rabbit into a magician... [read more]

Ahead of the Eco-Friendly Building Curve

John Kruzshak founded Evergreen Environments in 1982—decades ahead of the current green movement—as a small atrium construction business focused on... [read more]

Getting Down to Business

Lots of builders and contractors talk about completing a project from the ground up. But what about what’s going on under the ground? That’s where ... [read more]

‘Where Strong Girls Are Forged’

In the 23 years that Judaline Cassidy has worked as a plumber, she has seen one consistent trend: the lack of women in the construction industry. This inspired... [read more]

From Manhattan to Montauk

Charlie Hall, President and owner of Hall Enterprises, Inc., got his start mowing lawns as a kid growing up on Long Island.... [read more]

A Window of Opportunity

Jilco Window Corp.’s story began in 1982 in John McDonough’s garage. It was there that he began selling aluminum windows, eventually expanding the ... [read more]

The People in the Pipeline

Carolyn Olsen started Holbrook Plastic Pipe Supply Inc. with her sister, Betty Olsen King, in 1975. They rented a 3,500-square-foot warehouse in Holbrook, New ... [read more]

WellBuilt Company Has International Roots

For a couple of ambitious fellows from Australia, starting a business in the United States just seemed like the right thing to do. Without a network of contact... [read more]

All the Right Stuff

Zach Kerzner is the third generation to head Kerzner Contracting Corp. and is carrying on the company philosophy of building lasting relationships with the int... [read more]

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Opening Doors to Business

Best Roll-Up Door, Inc.’s owner, Edward Choi... [read more]

Divide Space…and Conquer

Established in 1900, the Hufcor name has... [read more]

Revolutionary Membrane System Is a Game Changer

The story of Poseidon Sales is all about its produ... [read more]

A Systems View of Pumping Systems

NECO Systems Inc. (NECO) was founded on the simple... [read more]