"My Leads" QuickStart Guide

  • BB-Bid Welcome to a better way to find, manage and respond to your most profitable project leads!
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    BB-Bid is the industry’s leading project communication network, providing you with a simple way to manage your project leads.

    The new and enhanced “My Leads” tab offers you all the functionality you need to quickly find the opportunities that are most profitable for your company and then save, organize, filter and track them!  

    By working in the BB-Bid Network and taking advantage of all the functionality “My Leads“offers, you can easily:

    • Sort and organize projects to quickly identify those that are right for you
    • Separate leads you want to follow up on from those you’re
      not interested in
    • Quickly identify projects from your favorite GC
    • Communicate to the GC with your interest in bidding
    • Access new messages and a message history for all projects
    • Identify multiple ITBs for the same project 

    My Current Leads My Saved Leads Project Source

    The “My Current Leads” tab displays all project leads promoted to your company through
    The Blue Book Network.

    My Current Leads
    #1 Insert YOUR keyword here! This searches the words on this screen (project title, city, GC name, etc.) plus the classifications that were invited to bid on the project.
    #2 You have the ability to immediately view all those projects you are interested in bidding. Sort projects by: City/State, County, Project Owner or Project Status. 



    With “My Leads,” you can save hours of sorting and searching and quickly filter ALL your project opportunities to find the most profitable ones for your business.


    “My Current Leads”

    My Current Leads
    #1 By clicking "Find Awards" all projects that have been awarded to a General Contractor will move to the top of your project list!
    #2 You also have direct access to plans and specifications for the project so you can better gauge your interest!





    “My Saved Leads”

    My Current Leads

    Once those projects that you may be interested in are identified and separated, you have your own custom electronic "Bid Board", where you can quickly and easily:

    #1 Notify the GC that you are interested in bidding  
    #2 Sort by Pre-Bid Meeting Date to stay on top of projects and prioritize your weekly schedule  
    #2 Arrange projects by Bid Due Date to ensure your bids are delivered on time   
    #2 Search and sort the projects by information displayed on the screen

    “My Saved Leads” provides you with powerful new functionality that will quickly improve the way you manage the leads you want to bid on.

    My Current Leads
    #1 Sort by or search for your favorite GC
    #2 Identify new messages (red flag) and view complete message history (blue flag)

    My Current Leads
    Project Source

    Project Source is a targeted filter that allows you to search through all project content in the Network by classifications required or search the specifications by keyword to find the projects that match your specific criteria.

    You can also drill down and search for projects that meet your criteria for a specific Project Type or Structure Type.







    My Current Leads

    "Class Search"

    With Project Source's advanced class search functionality, you can choose a classification and narrow results to projects that contain players in specific classifications. Class Search also gives you the power to enter a keyword and expand your search to find additional categories that you cover or are looking to expand into.

    For suppliers and manufacturers, this is a valuable tool, enabling you to identify all projects that require the products you provide.

    Let's say you are a Drywall Supply House or Manufacturer and you want to identify any project that has active drywall contractors in Arizona. Select your region as Arizona and search for all projects with the classification "drywall contractors".







    My Current Leads

    "Spec Search"

    Project Source's "Spec Search" enables you to search for specific terms in the project specifications.

    This advanced Spec Search functionality gives you the power to quickly search the specifications for:

    • Manufacturers names to find brands you install or supply!
    • Technical standards requested that you can meet!
    • Specific requirements that meet your specialty!

    #1 In this example, we are looking for any documents that specify "Firestone", "GAF" or "EPDM Roofing."
    #2 Every project that has a document containing a matching keyword is indicated with three boxes, representing which of the three keywords was found. This can significantly enhance the time it takes to find the right projects for your company!

    Coming Soon: If you have a number of products or keywords you need to search The Blue Book's Project Source Direct can be set-up to automatically run your searches overnight and deliver the results in this easy to use format each day. For more information, contact 888-303-2243.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are the most frequently asked questions from our Network users.
    Read through them and make sure that you take advantage of all the features and functionality available to you!

    If you still require assistance, please don’t hesitate to call our Product Support Team at 888-303-2243

    What is the difference between “My Saved Leads” and “My Current Leads”?
      Every project you receive will appear in the “My Current Leads” section until you either: View, Respond or Delete it. Once you view it, or check “Interested”, it will move to your “My Saved Leads”.
    How do I add projects to “My Saved Leads”? 
      Each project you view or respond to will automatically be saved to “My Saved Leads”. This provides you with an "Electronic Bid Board" if you will, presenting an easy and concise look at all of the projects you are potentially interested in.
    How do I notify the GC that I am interested in bidding?
      Once you open and view a project you can click “Interested” right from the project. The GC will automatically be notified! You can also update the “My Status” column within “My Saved Leads”, which allows you to change your status to "Interested" or "Not Interested" and will also send a notification to the GC.
    What are all my options for indicating a project status?
    “Track Project/Interested”: Notifies the GC that you are interested in the project and moves the project to your “My Saved Leads.”
    “Not Interested”: If you click "Not Interested", it will move from your “My Current Leads” to your “Archived” Leads and sends a notification to the GC.
    “Remove Me”: Clicking “Remove Me” will delete your name from the GC’s private vendor list and you will no longer receive project opportunities from that GC.
    “Print”: By hitting “Print”, you will be automatically assign a project status of “Interested” to that project.
    In addition, projects not viewed will be archived once the bid due date has passed. Projects viewed without an action taken, will automatically move to your "My Saved Leads" with a status of "Viewed."

  • How do I respond with an RFI to the GC that sent me the Bid Invitation?
      Click on the project title from your “My Saved Leads” and follow the prompt to send an RFI.
    Is there a way to quickly search through “My Saved Leads” or “My Current Leads”?
      Yes! You can easily search through all the projects you have received by entering a search term in the “Search” box. The system will look for anything in the column fields, displayed on the page, that matches your term. In addition, you can find projects that require a specific classification by entering the category in the search box.
    Is there a way to sort the projects displayed in “My Current Leads” and “My Saved Leads”?
      Yes – By clicking on any of the column headings, you can sort your projects by that data.
    What is Project Source?
      Project Source will enable you to enter specific keywords to search through the specifications to find documents that contain the criteria you are looking for (i.e. brands you supply or install). Project Source also enables you to search through your projects and the specifications for categories you are interested in.
    What is Project Source Direct?
      Project Source Direct is a custom feed of project leads based on criteria you determine. Project Source Direct provides you with targeted opportunities that are right for your sales team and your business and can also work directly with your sales automation system.
    Is there an easy way to tell when there has been an update to a project?
      Any new messages will be indicated by a small red flag. A blue flag will take you to the complete Message History.


    There's never been an easier way to find and manage the project opportunities your company needs!
    Login to BB-Bid and get started today! Or call 888-303-2243 or click here to email Product Support.



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